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Male Hormones and Weight Gain

Most men think they understand the rules around weight loss, diet and exercise — but they often don't understand the ...

Easy Ways to Avoid Workout Injuries

Working out helps us feel good and live our best lives, so the last thing we want to deal with is an injury that will...

Summer Workout Safety Tips

Summer is a great time to work out – especially if you want to exercise outside and boost your benefits! There are so...

Ten Tips to Reduce Your Chance of Injury

Exercise caters to the individual. You might want to tone up for summer weather, while someone else wants to prepare ...

The Benefits of Randomizing Exercises

As with many things in life, it can be easy to fall into a rut with your workout routine. It's natural to gravitate t...

7 Reasons You Should Do Push-Ups Every Day

The push-up is considered a staple to effective workout routines. It’s simple yet effective for building strength.  S...

Forever Young: Biohacking Your Mind and Body

Let’s face it: Getting older isn’t for wimps. It’s hard. It’s painful. But it certainly beats the alternative. Aging ...
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