New Year’s Fitness Resolutions Got You Down?

They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result.

Does that mean you’re crazy for setting New Year’s resolutions?

Are you nuts for wanting to better yourself and become more fit in 2022?

Of course not!

By setting New Year’s resolutions, you acknowledge that you are capable of achieving more. But to be sure that this year will yield better results, let’s do things differently this year.  

Reflect on Your Last New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

Reflecting on last year is not an exercise in self-flagellation. If you’re beating yourself up for not achieving your fitness goals, stop! If change were easy, everyone would do it. 

Focus on the positives. For each of last year’s goals, determine what went well. How long did you stick with the New Year’s fitness plan? What kept you on course while you were still on it? How did staying on track make you feel? Remember the positives to motivate yourself and prevent you from veering off course.

Set This Year's Resolutions

fitness smart goalsOnce you've taken stock of what you accomplished last year, remember, it's never too late to adjust this year’s New Year's resolutions. Because we're not insane, we’re going to do things differently. To succeed this year, we’re going to make measurable, achievable fitness resolutions. Don't fall for the cliché, “new year, new you.” A “new you” isn't necessary. You're setting goals to make the current you healthier and happier. 


SMART Fitness Resolutions

Make sure your fitness goals are SMART:

how to set smart new years goals

Specific: Each goal should be specific. “Go running” won’t work; try, “Jog for 15 minutes every morning.” 

Measurable: To make a goal achievable, it must be measurable. Did you manage to reach 25 pushups? Did you manage to run your mile in less than 15 minutes?

Attainable: Be realistic about your goals. Promising to lose 50 pounds in a week won’t do you any favors and will just set you up to feel like a failure.

Relevant: Focus on what makes the goal important to you. Why do you want it? What makes this goal resonate with you? This will keep you energized and motivated in 2022.

Time-Bound: Your resolution needs a timeline, otherwise it’s too easy to “get to it when you get to it” or put off until “tomorrow.” 

An example of a SMART resolution is: “I will run the 10K in the Boston Harvest Half Marathon on September 20 in under 90 minutes.”

Make a Fitness Plan 

You’ll need a plan to achieve your New Year’s fitness resolutions. 

Be realistic when planning. We’re not going for 200 ab crunches a day. Instead, aim to commit 30 minutes to a home workout, treadmill, or elliptical session every day.

For the marathon example, your plan could be to run on your treadmill for 30 minutes twice a week, use an elliptical for 30 minutes twice a week, and finish strong with one long 60-minute jog at the end of each week. 

Visualize yourself accomplishing your goals. Imagine a typical day for you with your fitness plan as part of your life: 
  1. Your alarm goes off at 6:00 am. 
  2. Instead of hitting the snooze button, you get out of bed.
  3. Your workout clothes are laying out, so it's easy to just put them on.
  4. You fill your water bottle and get your playlist ready.
  5. You get on the treadmill and press start.
  6. You persevere for 30 minutes and feel fabulous afterward!

You will have days where you’ll want to quit or give up. Plan for those. Think of all the excuses you’ve used, then come up with counterarguments. Focus on why you’re making your resolutions. Write these down to remind and motivate yourself.

Act on Your New Year's Fitness Resolutions

You're ready to go for it! 

Your friends at G&G Equipment will help you get started with the best fitness equipment for your home gym. The experts at G&G will also work with any needs you have, though remember to consult your medical provider before starting any new workout plan.

Focus on the ways you're working toward your goals and feel proud of every step. Enjoy your workout! Make it fun!

Reflect on Your Progress and Reward Yourself

Progress is not a one and done event. If you want your resolution to stick and become a new habit, you have to check in with yourself every day.  

Don’t wait until the end of the year to reward yourself; make rewarding yourself part of the process. Honest reflection and small rewards are wonderful ways to keep yourself motivated and on track to complete your fitness goals.

reward stickers for grownupsConsider using a sticker chart. Sticker charts aren’t just for kids’ chores; they provide simple, visual confirmation of your awesomeness! How difficult was it to get out of bed and start those pushups? But did you do it anyway? Give yourself three stars! Did you get your workouts in every week for a month? That’s fifteen stars! A sticker chart comprises daily rewards in the form of a sticker. It's small, but it feels good. (Trust me!) 

Once you’ve earned enough stickers, reward yourself with something fun. Go see a movie or take a nice bath. Treat yourself to a spa day or massage. Get a new workout outfit or pair of shoes

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!

Your New Year’s fitness plan is not something you start and end. It’s also not something where if you fall off or slip, you can’t get back up. This is a process. 

Consistently plan, act, and reflect. Be active and perseverant, but also kind and gentle with yourself. If you suffer an illness or injury, take some time off. You do not need to wait until December 31 to start again. 

Every day is a chance to start again.

Finished today? Tomorrow will be easier.

Finished the week? Next week will be easier.

Finished the month? Next month will be easier.

Focus on your New Year’s fitness resolutions every day. Focus on how great you feel when you commit to and achieve them. This year will be different. You’re not insane to know you can be healthier and happier, and we’re here to help and cheer you on!

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