8 Simple Tips to Stay Fit While in Isolation

Since the outbreak of COVID19, the average American has been forced to live life in a highly different way. Not only are many people working from home, but they also have to stay away from crowded areas in order to stop the spread of the virus. This means that they are no longer able to go to the gym.

To the average gym goer, the gym is a place where they could separate themselves from the stress of home and work. Now, with most gyms being closed, you might wonder how you are going to stay in shape and get the mental and physical break that you are used to getting from the gym.

Take heart! There are fabulous alternatives to going to the gym. In this article, we will explore eight home workout ideas that you can use to stay fit during isolation.

#1 Workout Ideas from Social Media

stay safe stay home stay fitness in quarantine 8 tips to stay fit while in isolation covid 19 corona virusTechnology has become the best friend of people who live in most westernized countries, and social media can be a huge blessing when it comes to workouts. Pinterest has amazing ideas for workouts that you can customize to meet with your personal needs. And, of course, keep an eye on the LiveFit.com blog and G&G’s Facebook page for even more ideas.

#2 Watch Workout Videos on YouTube

You can find just about anything that you are looking for on YouTube. YouTube offers a wealth of full workout videos that you can do. You could choose to do a different video each day or find a challenge and do it with others.

#3 Bring the Gym Home, Responsibly.

monthly payment treadmill fitness equipment stay safe stay home stay fitness in quarantine 8 tips to stay fit while in isolation covid 19 corona virusIf you’re being influenced by those commercials, resist the urge to order low-quality made for TV equipment! You might think you’re getting a good deal, but hear from people every day who impulse bought this cheap equipment and unknowingly agreed to large subscription fees and contracts, senseless additional charges, and low-quality machines. Bottom line: fitness equipment is personal, there is no one-size fits all and it’s an investment that shouldn’t be made based on a TV commercial or Facebook ad.

It’s worth your while to contact a fitness equipment specialist.Click here for a free consultation.

There is no way to know when this Coronavirus will end, so get quality equipment that meets your personal needs, will serve you for years to come, and won’t break - or break the bank.

#4 Use your Stairs

Going up and down your stairs can give you a huge cardio boost. Just going up and down the stairs for 30-60 minutes a day can burn some serious calories. Challenge yourself and see how many sets you can do!

#5 Get out and Walk

home workout challenge contest stay safe stay home stay fit 8 tips to stay fit while in isolation covid 19 corona virusYou may be forbidden from going to public places where there are large crowds, but no one can stop you from walking around your own house. If you have a yard, you can do some laps around your house, or if it is allowed, you can go out to a nice open space and get some exercise. If there may be people around where you want to walk, you’ll likely want to wear a facemask according to CDC guidelines.

#6 Get a Virtual Fitness Trainer

stay safe stay home stay fit 8 tips to stay fit while in isolation covid 19 corona virus no money downIf you are the type of person who needs motivation in order to get moving, you can get an online fitness trainer. This person can motivate you and give you a great workout plan. A trainer will monitor your progress and give you tips to improve your workout form and strategy. Looking for a local trainer? Contact your G&G store for a recommendation.

#7 Workout with Friends over Zoom

If you are a person who likes to workout with friends, you don’t have to give that up during isolation. Why not schedule a workout through Zoom. Zoom.com gives you the opportunity to connect with several people at once and watch them through video. With this platform, you don’t have to feel like you are working out alone.

#8 Keep on Eating and Drinking Well

why you should stay hydrated all day not just when working outYou do not want to slip when it comes to what you put into your body. You want to make sure that you are only putting high quality food into your body. Since you are not going out and buying things like you did before COVID, you do well to try to purchase whole and organic food that will nourish your body. With your free time, you can also learn to make delicious and nutritious meals. The water that you drink is also important. Instead of wasting money and plastic on bottled water, you do well to invest in a good water filter. When you are well nourished and you work out regularly, your body will thank you.

You've got this.

You do not need a gym to work out. You can create your own workout from anywhere. You can either use your imagination, or you can use technology to work out. Your body is your responsibility. If you prioritize your health, you will not let any epidemic come between you and your workout.

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  • Great advise. It’s important to keep health in mind while isolated.

    Travis P

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