Date Night Workout

Getting in shape is more fun with a partner, but can you really blend date night with a solid workout? Absolutely!

Whether you’re new friends or a health-conscious couple used to working on their bodies and their relationship together, take your next date night to the gym with these fun tips and exercises.

Make It an Event

Schedule the night well in advance and treat it as a date — not a regular Tuesday workout. Instead of your oldest, baggiest shirt and shorts, put on your most flattering workout wear. Afterwards, share a healthy meal out — or even better, cook something together with a healthy and romantic recipe for two.

couples workout ideas

Partner Exercises

Whether you’re exercising at home or going to your favorite gym, don’t just work out next to one another; work out together. Take a group class in person or online, spot each other while you lift weights, or try out some great partner moves:

Plank With a Clap

Try this fun variation on a classic core exercise:

  1. Get into the full plank position with your heads pointed towards one another. Keep your shoulders over your wrists and your back flat. 
  2. Holding position, reach out and clap your right hands together.
  3. Place your right hands back on the floor.
  4. Repeat on the left, alternating hands with each clap.

Leg Lift

Work the lower abs and hip flexors:

  1. One partner lies with their head between the other’s feet and grabs the second person’s ankles.
  2. The standing partner raises their hands in front of them. 
  3. The partner on their back lifts their legs, keeping them straight and together from hip to toe, until the other person can touch the feet.
  4. The standing partner pushes gently against the feet, and the person on the floor lowers their legs with control.
  5. Perform one set and switch positions.

To increase difficulty, the standing person can push the legs down with more force or at an angle while the person on the floor resists.

Triceps Dip/Wall Sit

This paired exercise will engage you both:

  1. The first partner performs a wall sit, squatting against a wall.
  2. The second partner faces away from the first and places their hands on the first’s knees.
  3. The second partner performs a tricep dip while the first stays stable.
  4. Perform one set and switch positions.

For each exercise, try to perform 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions. 

Acro Yoga

Try some Acro Yoga! This blend of acrobatics and yoga can be a great way of connecting both physically and emotionally. The base (the person supporting) and the flyer (the person being supported) must communicate and trust one another to accomplish these partner poses.

You don’t have to be advanced yogis to try Acro Yoga, but go slow and be careful. Start with beginner poses and use a spotter if you can.

Stay Active

There are all sorts of ways to work up a sweat while spending quality time together. Plan fun and energetic activities with your date throughout the year.

Be sure to check back or contact us for more fun workouts you can try solo or with a partner.

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