5 Ways Technology Can Help You Stay Healthy

Americans have had to start relying on the use of technology since the outbreak of COVID-19, which has presented some challenges as we begin to shift to this new normal. For some, it might be hard to know where to start and for others, they might be overwhelmed with learning all the ways technology can help them right now. We are here to help you navigate how technology can help you stay healthy while stuck at home through this time of uncertainty! 


how to use telehealth to avoid going to the doctors officeDid you know that even during quarantine you can still see a doctor without ever leaving your home? Telehealth allows patients to schedule appointments with doctors for an array of different needs, from primary care to therapy sessions. These appointments can happen over the phone or via video call and the doctor can diagnose and treat you as they typically would during an in-person visit. The only difference is that they are minimizing unnecessary physical contact, which is crucial during social-distancing to help prevent you from being exposed to harmful germs. Check with your doctor to see if they offer telehealth appointments and if not, many health insurance providers and medication companies are offering services during this time.

There are also telemedicine services that provide medication delivery and some even prescribe medicine online. This is great as individuals can stay on top of their medication prescriptions without needing to run to the pharmacy. You can also opt to have other things delivered, like vitamins or supplements. The internet is booming with options for receiving healthcare while at home, making it more accessible, convenient and safe for everyone!


best home treadmillAlthough it is seriously unfortunate that gyms and fitness studios are closed right now, there is comfort in knowing that you can still workout at home. The possibilities are endless when it comes to resources for at-home fitness. You can hop on your elliptical or treadmill and connect with virtual trainers, live stream workouts, take classes, and even connect with your own personal trainer. There are also workouts available on social media, like Instagram Live or digital class subscriptions.

Consider upgrading your equipment to add technological capabilities like fully interactive HD consoles and tools like a smartwatch to track progress or a smart water bottle that sends reminders to your phone to drink water. Technology has made it possible for the fitness community to stay connected and still help motivate one another, which definitely wouldn’t have been as possible in another day and age!


practice self care digitallyTake this extra time at home to pamper yourself. Look into purchasing technological products made with self-care in mind, like an eye massager or smart shower-head. Caring for your mind is equally as important as caring for your body. Focus on your mental state and do things to bring you peace and tranquility during quarantine. Technology has made it easy to access things like digital gratitude journals and motivational podcasts. The way you care for yourself impacts your overall health and wellness, so be kind to your mind and body. 


use food deliveryLuckily, there are numerous options for eating healthy while staying at home. Thanks to technology, food delivery apps like Instacart make it possible to have groceries delivered without having to go to the store. This also means you can avoid adding any sugary foods to your cart since they won’t be in your face while you’re shopping. Meal prep delivery services are also available to keep you on track and take away the stress of having to plan what you’re going to eat. Maintain healthy eating habits and avoid unnecessary crowds by using these options to access food.  


stay connected with zoom happy hoursIt’s important to keep yourself from feeling isolated during social-distancing. Luckily technology has made it easy to stay connected with those we love most during this strange time. Video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Houseparty make it possible to talk face-to-face with friends and family and make it feel like you’re all in the same room. Set up a weekly call with your loved ones and keep things interesting by making each week a different theme. Happy hour anyone?


At the end of the day, your health comes down to what you do in your daily routine to take care of yourself. Technology has made it much easier to access the resources we need to stay healthy, but remember how important it is to stay connected and check in with one another during this time. We are in this together and will get through this pandemic as a community!

stay safe stay fit while at home with digital fitness lifestyle technology

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