Your Home Fitness Tips & Tricks

We asked and you answered. G&G customers are the greatest! Thanks for showing each other so much support. We got such a great response to our home workout giveaway that we had to share! Be sure to scroll to the end to see the winner.

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Your Best Home Workout Tips:

For all you newcomers, don’t worry about what someone else is lifting or looks like. Just remember everyone has started off right where you are: The Beginning. 
And just remember you have already taken the biggest challenge or step:
You’ve gotten up and started working out. Don’t give up! Rome wasn’t built in a day. Stick to it and you’ll see changes/results before you know it..... Power Forward...... Have a great workout & a great day! -Anthony

Stick to your workout schedule - just do it at home - YouTube is a wonder and is awash with workouts of all shapes and sizes. Yoga first thing in the morning means I’ve stretched and am ready for the day. -Lucy

home gym advice and ideasI have to first off get a very good playlist together and jam it through my Sonos system. G&G Fitness put together one of the most amazing home gyms for me and I am so thankful to have it especially during this viral crisis! I set goals for myself and I always push a little harder than my goal. Exercise and fitness is my Prozac, so no pharmaceuticals needed! My husband’s an ER physician and I’m a pharmacist, so it is a very trying time and exercise is our way of staying fit mentally and physically. -Sandy

Have a designated workout space and set a firm schedule that you can be held accountable for. -Vince

home workout tipsI have almost everything for at home yet love my gym membership. This opportunity to stay home has forced me to utilize all that I have. I’m getting on today to hopefully purchase a 50lb barbell. -Christine

I purchased a water rower from G&G Fitness and am now using it while I watch evening television WHILE my daughter rides an recumbent bike also purchased at G&G. Working out with my child keeps me motivated and sets a positive example to her that taking care of your body is important. We are now incorporating hand weights and body weight exercises. It is a challenge because I am overweight and 35 years older than my youngest child. Together we just keep going... -Lisa

Water rower home rowing workout tipsI love my Water Rower and learned to use the intensity meter instead of looking at frequency of strokes or distance to judge my workout. I maintain a particular intensity (upper right segment of electronic meter) for a half hour. I also have a weight stack with multiple stations. While rehabbing from a knee replacement, when even the 20 lb weight was too much and no weight (just the lifter) was too little for recovering ham and thighs, I removed the small weights from ankle weights and used them to weight the lifter which gave smaller increments to increase strength. -Patricia

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of supersets. I don’t have much equipment, but I find if I keep moving I work up a good sweat. Not having access to the gym has allowed me to be more creative with my routine. It’s actually been pretty good, and I just might be making some gains.💪🏾😊 -Linda

I'm using my matrix cross trainer purchased at your store and adding in some dumb bells and bands for strength training. -Ciara

waterrower home workout tipsWorking out via zoom w friends and on my WaterRower. -Shelley

I’ve been working out at home for the last 40+ years using DVDs and workouts from YouTube. I love having my own space and working out by myself and not having to leave the house. - Tracey

Retired from fire dept one yr ago.. started to get a bit out of shape.. challenged myself to get back in work shape.. coming along slowly.. but gettin there. -AJ

Variety is key! Graph your progress for incentive. -Barry

I am 71 . My basement is full of equipment that I have bought from G G throughout the years. Every day my wife and I use one different piece of equipment.  Keeps us both fit. -Peter

I recently joined the KH Spring Challenge 2020 and have been utilizing the weights I purchased from G&G fitness to accomplish my goals! I make sure to set a time for myself each day to complete my workout, whether that be before or after work. I also set cardio goals for myself, such as increasing my run mileage on a weekly basis. -McKenna

I am still keeping to my same schedule as if I were still physically going to work everyday! -Amanda

I take mid-day work out breaks to split up working from home. - Jonathon

chad home workout adviceIf you’re working out from home with limited to no equipment, it’s important not to get into the rut of counting reps. Try repping for time. If you’re doing push-ups, don’t do 20... do the exercise for a minute, then go into your next exercise with little to no rest. Challenge yourself. -Chad

I had a total left knee blow out: severing my patellar muscle, interior and exterior laterals, 2 tears in the meniscus muscle with my knee cap ending up in quad muscle 4 inches and my quad 6 inches elevated like a blind. I am 6 months in physical therapy (1st 6 weeks peg leg in a brace totally immobile. I have creatively used belts, pulleys and free weights to gain flexion. Stuck at 96 degrees, I went in for additional surgery for a manipulation to snap the leg past 125’ flexion and break the scar tissue which was scalped out by the surgeon. I was removed from PT due covid-19 and have been pounding out PT daily. Although painful I have made strides to full recovery, learning through the pain, gains can be achieved and concentrating on physical conditioning to revamp and change my life for the better and throughout my future. -Harry

Workout in the morning before the family gets up!! Schedule, schedule, schedule! -Heather

I get up every morning before 5am and go to the treadmill and put in 5 to 7 miles. I just do. Best way to start the day! -Kathie

I'm 63 yrs old, I challenge my self by doing heavy walks in my driveway, from bottom to the top, approximately 90 ft each way, after I have finished my dead lift workout. -Keith

I keep weights at the tops / bottom of the stairs so no matter which direction I’m traveling in I’m getting a little bit more out of my fitness day #gettingstronger -Maribeth

Don’t tie yourself down with just reps... do timed sets instead.-Chad

Life Fitness Treadmill - every day. -Alan

Workout everyday. Use weights and cardio! Mix it up! -Richard

Schedule the workout on your daily calendar.  Make it a regular appointment, block off the time to avoid the "I'll get to it later" syndrome -Jonathan

I'm just trying to increase my pace to keep pushing myself - it's easy to get complacent as we're all off our normal routine, so I need to find new targets to strive for. -Heather

I’m always looking on Instagram for ways to intensify my home workouts. -Matthew

I stay motivated to move/work out by 1) starting a new workout program from BeachBody on Demand (the calendar and targets force me to "show up" everyday); 2) inviting friends/family/clients to weekly group workouts; 3) keeping to my original pre-isolation workout schedule as much as possible. -Rina

before and after workout motivation

Right now I am home full time due to the virus   I’m not giving up in the work I have done the last 2 years! I’m pushing my workouts as hard as I can. Here's the before and after pic. -Dawn

Rehabbing from a knee replacement, one hurdle was to regain balance in my leg with the replacement. I began standing on a Bosu as I performed my routine with free weights - bicep curls, behind head tricep, shoulder press, back fly, and squats. It helped tremendously. -Patricia

Stay consistent and never give up. Your never too old to do anything. Set reasonable goals for yourself and then set new ones when you achieve those. Your fitness journey should always start in the kitchen.   -Russ

I set up my spare room with my yoga mat and resistance bands on 1 side and my treadmill and elliptical on the other. I printed out different circuits and put them on the wall for easy guidance. I have set myself on the 30 day HIIT challenge and 30 day planks challenge. -Jaime

Just use it home workout advice

Just use it. -Brian

I’ve been doing zoom / virtual group fitness classes to try and keep up. I’ve been challenging myself with running too! -Allison


HIIT training at home, treadmill, bodyweight exercises. -David

Get up early during quarantine! Keep a schedule and stay motivated! -Noah

I have been using my recumbent elliptical everyday! -Gina

Do not quit, find some way to do the most you can the best you can! -Timothy

I have had multiple joint replacements, surgeries on shoulders, hips, and knees. A victim of rugby, weight lifting, and bad life choices. Now at 58 I am starting to get back into it. I plan to start swimming when it gets warmer and I plan to get back on my bicycle. I challenged myself by going out into public and trying to excercise. I am going slow but getting there! -Steve

We love our home gym from G & G Fitness!  -Kayli

Every hour, on the hour, get up and do a 60-second exercise.  Mix-up the exercises so that by end of the day, you have done a full body workout. -Kenneth

Now is the time. Right now...when the world is shut down, is the time to make those changes in your life. Make the changes you want to make right now while you can, because one day soon life and everything that goes along with it is going to restart. You can do it! -Mike

Stay connected with friends. Motivate each other to complete the workout of the day!! -Lindsay

Daily workout commitment advice Be ruthless in your daily commitment! -Dave

I give myself the opportunity to view the outdoors while working out. -Joe

My son who lives in Denver inspired me to keep a notepad beside my at home work station and write down my daily exercise. I try to start my day on the elliptical, particularly if it isn't a nice day. Otherwise, I take at least two 15 minute walks to break up my day and get me away from the computer. I track water intake and try to get at least 5 one minute planks in per day. I'll do sets of strength training while I am watching the governor updates. Then my daughter challenged me to a 10-day yoga challenge. She sends me a link and I have started learning yoga! - Denise

steelers home gymGet it done early!!!  This works for me as I have kids and workout at 4am. Even if I think I will have time throughout the day, it never works. Only getting it done early staying disciplined and a executing on your plan. Stay focused and competitive at all times. I compete against myself on every rep and with every run, bike, or climb. Also, if you don’t like dieting, you have to already eat in small proportions.  “Everything in moderation!” -BJ

Matrix treadmill workout using HIIT circuit and rotating with kettle bell on off days. -Michele

I have two daughters and instead of trying to find time to workout when they are sleeping I have them workout with me! -Sarah

I try to work out every day whether I feel like it or not. If I skip one day, I am more likely to skip 2 or 3 or 30? -Angela

Working out together as a family keeps us motivated and laughing! -Julie

Do at least 60 minutes of cardio every day and rotate between my Octane q47 elliptical, my treadmill and spin bike. -Jeffrey

A friend and I created a shared google worksheet and we set monthly fitness goals.  We track each other's progress and hold each other accountable to meet the goals.  We were both successful in March, although we had to really push each other.  - John

workout roomAfter tearing my meniscus root I had to modify my workouts.  But I have kept moving and am working on strengthening my leg muscles in preparation for surgery and working on my upper body strength.  It can be frustrating at times, but I figure the less I do, the more I will have to catch up down the road.  I just keep telling myself this is a temporary set back.  -Gina

I use a combination of free weights and the Matrix elliptical we bought at G&G.  The Sprint 8 workout on the Matrix is AWESOME! -Nathan

I’m not near my two amazing workout bikes I purchased from G&G so I have to be creative. I have two 5 pound weights that I use in various ways and three dogs that need to be walked. The stairs have become my stair-climber and my brand new grandson keeps me hopping! -Doris

Tiffany work from home tipsDo the Elliptical 30 minutes each day & the rowing machine at least 3-4 days a week. The cardio is essential and the row machines is a nice way to strengthen muscles. -DarleneI've been running a lot on the treadmill, incorporating HIIT and weight training as well as rowing and cycling during the stay at home order.  I Hate strength training but I've been doing it more to push myself. -Tiffany

I'm working out with a trainer who designs programs for women over 50. Includes weights, HIIT and low cardio. Program is designed to prevent injury as well. -Maria

Online yoga everyday! -Tracy

Because we can’t train together my friends and I send each other videos in order to keep us honest and on track. This way we can still push each other and compete. And what is better than training out in the grass! I am so fortunate that I was able able to borrow a barbell before my gym closed for the pandemic. I am a PR chaser and don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t get to train. Weight lifting has changed my life. Since I was kid I have always battled with my weight and the barbell helps me keep that in check. -Matthew

I do 5 minutes walk and 100 push-ups, sit ups, body weight squats. -Brett

I use my treadmill I bought from G&G Fitness and the many different programs it offers. -Ron 

My coworkers and I have been doing workouts to supplement our normal lifting and cardio -Joshua

Make a appointment with myself for exercise. Keep said appointment. Give my best and then something extra because I can! -Monisha

I am currently entered in the Run the Edge competition. Goal is to run/walk 2,020 miles in 2020. Also alternate with days of spinning and weights done with Les Mills app. -Heidi

Staying on a routine because I’m a nurse practitioner working in a hospital. - Pamela

Got all new equipment from Dave @ G&G in Cincinnati and my buddies from Moeller Football and I love it! My key is to stick to a schedule, challenge myself during each workout, and have fun @ each workout! Many thanks to Dave and Cam who helped get what we needed despite the pandemic!!💪👊🇺🇸🏈BOOM! -Koby

Inspire FT2We set up a circuit training regimen for myself and my four daughters utilizing our awesome F2 Inspire System, bike, adjustable dumbbells, stair jumps to replace our box jumps and finally our Max trainer for hardcore cardio and leg work. Our goal is to keep our bodies healthy so our minds can stay focused while working at home throughout the pandemic! This workout time has proven to be essential and extremely positive for our family! -Robert

Keep your workout time consistent. - Michelle

Old school exercises from high school daze. Push ups, sit up, leg lifts, jumping jacks, walking the 98 stairs on the property. Adding incrementally to each exercise weekly.-Mike

I like to set a timeframe every morning that I do my work out. I like to look at youtube for different ideas for working out at home. I belong to Les Mills Workout Page with videos for all types of workouts and body parts. Most importantly I just take a monthly picture of myself via phone to monitor the progress. -Matthew

You guys set us up with the most amazing home gym, Thank you. -Alan

It's hard right now to challenge myself with limited equipment.  But I just think of all the progress I have made and dont want to loose what I have gained.  -John

One way I try to add zip to my workouts is doing multiple sets combining different moves with the weight and bars available to me. I try to keep pushing myself to do more either by increasing weight or reps. I always try to finish my weight routines with some aerobics on the treadmill. I am waiting for some stable weather to incorporate outdoor rollerblading into my routine again. I am just trying to find ways to keep my exercise regimen on track till WE can all get back to the gym.  I Retired as of January 1, 2020, at 66 and several months. But due to the changes(?) in the market I just went back to work as a Registered Respiratory Therapist at my old hospital.  So, PLEASE, everyone stay safe, stay healthy, wear your masks when out in public and PLEASE, PLEASE KEEP UP WITH THE ISOLATION SO WE CAN BEAT THIS,  and return to what we enjoy. -Timothy

My home workout tips are to mix it up and include your partner (in this case, my new husband!) We each decide on a workout plan for the week and motivate each other. It's great because we have a backyard that we've converted into a makeshift gym. -Linda

I walk or use an elliptical EVERYDAY and then rotate every other day adding weights/bands, yoga and pilates. -David

Set a schedule and workout with family home fitness tipsSet a schedule and work out with family. Sometimes workout with a friend via zoom! On long conference calls, walk on the treadmill! We keep calendars in our garage to track our progress and everyone sets fitness goals for the month. -Cheryl

I installed a Barre in my small cellar gym on a wood cabinet, using an oak curtain rod & brackets bought at famed fitness gear store, Bed, Bath & Beyond. I then laid carpet remnants to smooth over the floor area. I do a 1-hour+ routine of actual Barre steps & exercises used by ballet dancers that I learned in classes at the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School's community division. The unique part of my routine is that in addition to doing more traditional leg stretches, bends & lifts, I also use oval-shaped sliders (furniture movers) to extend & vary the range & rigor of my  stretches. The sliders enhance & provide a new dimension to my Barre workouts that I can feel & see in my increased range of motion, flexibility & leg strength. Along with my 1-hr. TRX routine, Barre is a central focus of my workout regimen. I got my Teeter, which I just love, at G&G. -Ken

Using my treadmill, I walk daily about 5 miles. I also use my hand weights to workout. It is great having equipment at home to use. -Roberta

Making a daily workout plan using a dry erase board! It changes daily.  -Danyell

Murphs all day! -Matthew

Using every part of the house for training! Steps are good for cardio and endurance training, family takes turns running them haha. Eating well through this time has been one key we have been maintaining as well as water. Push ups and body weight training but we have definitely worked and dumb bells and band training to maintain muscle mass. -Pat

Keeping the boredom and monotony away has been the hardest part of keeping challenged. The tip i'd share is to keep mixing things up. Finding a body part i want to change and designing workouts to focus on it. Setting goals around how much I need (not want) to do keeps me motivated. Also getting out of doing the same thing over and over and finding different ways to exercise. Run, bike, do things that change the scenery. Adapting to the situation is the only way to not get stuck in the mud. -Alexander

Bought a new treadmill and started using it in January. Since having to stay home due to corona virus committed myself to walking every day to stay fit and sane! -Barbara

Doing yoga with LuLu Lemon videos on Youtube. Running outside, cycling via Zwift on Wahoo trainer. Doing upper body strength training with pushups, dumb bells, and bands... Not the same as my pre-COVID19 routine but got to be doing something! Stay safe! -James

Isometrics and bodyweight and old fashioned iron! -Phillip

Work out,  even if you feel like crap. -Beth

julie workout at home fitness tips

When I was working out at my gym, I was thankful to have a variety of equipment and was able to track my progress through videos and photos. I would post my workouts to my friends and we would motivate one another that way. My home workout tip is creating a weekly plan for yourself so that you can more easily stick with it. I then track my workouts and also have a virtual buddy that I have as an accountability partner. We push ourselves and support one another. Each week, I try to make my workouts just a bit harder. -Julie

Just have the mindset that you’re going to do 15 minutes a day. Then Once I get started I usually end up doing more necessity gives me energy for threat of the day! -Terri

And, the winner is...

With an 8 week old finding time to get back to your routine can be difficult! So instead of  higher intensity run! I strap the baby on to me and do a hill work out!  Instead of weights I use my baby!  Time to be creative trying to lose those pregnancy pounds! 

Congratulations to Christine and all of you who are fighting to stay fit in this challenging time.

Stay Safe.

Stay Fit.

Remember, we are always here if you need us.

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