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Daniel Hill is the Owner of House Call Personal Training LLC located in the North of Pennsylvania. After years of working in gyms, going to gyms, and training friends, I came to realize that there is a group of people that need guidance on their fitness journey.
 The gym can be an intimidating place. Getting to the gym when you have a busy work schedule or kids can be near impossible. If you have difficulty getting around due to limited mobility, that also presents obstacles to living a healthy lifestyle. If you lack discipline and your trainer is across town, it becomes awfully easy to turn left and head home after work instead of turning right and heading to the gym.
I want to bring the life-changing experience of changing your body, becoming more confident, and lead a healthy lifestyle into people’s homes with a personal touch that online services can’t match from the other side of the screen.
Using my 17 years of exercise, sports medicine, nutrition experience, and coupled with the discipline I learned from my time as a Reconnaissance Marine... I want to show you that you can take control of your body and mind to achieve what you may not think was possible. #Livefit
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