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G&G Fit-Pick: Precor TRM445

Precor TRM445

Welcome to the new weekly product showcase! Every week, one of our expert team members will make a recommendation of one of their favorite products and explain why they recommend it to their clients and friends. 

This week, Randy from Pittsburgh recommends the Precor TRM445 Treadmill. With its unique impact control system, horizontal shock-absorption and decline feature and many other benefits, the TRM445 is a treadmill that definitely stands out from the rest.

“When it comes to running, I only run on the Precor TRM445,” Randy explains. “With one bad knee, Precor’s Precision Series Treads are the only ones to alleviate that pinging in the side of my knee. They have a sensor in the motor (IFT) that checks the motor over 700 times a second, ultimately timing my stride, which eliminates that tugging on my joints. Couple that with their shock absorption (Ground Effects), which displaces the impact horizontally instead of vertically, preventing the impact from going back into my body. End result: I do not feel the negative side effects the next day. It is also built like a shoe: soft at point of impact and hard towards the back roller to take away that ‘running through sand’ feeling.

Precor’s 40 console provides every user with exactly what they need; hence, no “bells or whistles.” It comes equipped with the commercial toggles to increase/decrease speed/incline, which beats trying to poke the alternative membrane buttons at high speeds. Since most of my training is HIIT, the 40 console allows each user (up to 4) to create 4 customized workouts, which includes speed and incline. Once you are on the machine for over 5 minutes, the console remembers every speed, incline, and decline change in 15 second increments, allowing for ease of use and optimum results.

But wait, there’s more! The Precor TRM445 comes with a 10 year parts and wear items warranty, where all other companies only cover parts. They also have a reversible deck; when you wear out one side, flip it over and get twice the life. Imagine if you could turn your car tires inside out after they go bald. It’s the same.

Whether you’re a casual walker or an avid runner, the TRM445 is the only treadmill that I trust my body to as well as my fitness goals.”

Many other experts recommend the TRM445, including myself. As someone who enjoys hiking, I have realized over the years how necessary it is to prepare for downhill training. Those eccentric contractions in your leg muscles will condition you so you can be prepared for those steep downgrades and make you less susceptible to possible injuries. Stop into a G&G Fitness Equipment showroom, speak with an expert fitness consultant and try it out for yourself, today!

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