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G&G FitPIck: Octane Fitness ZR7

Every week, one of our expert team members makes a recommendation of one of their favorite products and explains why they recommend it to their clients and friends.

"The ZR7 is a great fit for a guy like me," says Bryan. "I have always enjoyed running, but I am a heavy-planter, so the impact creeps up on my very quickly. Combine that with an old football injury  (my ankle) and I end up having to allocate a shorter distanced goal than I would prefer.

The Zero Runner solves a lot of those problems due to the elimination of impact. But unlike most ellipticals, that are assisted and provide the form of the run for me, I have the freedom to stride more naturally, and do all of the work myself. One big caveat with elliptical is you can't really lift your heel up after your push-off, but on the ZR7, I can. It is also much more natural to shift my weight on a Zero Runner, and it really does feel like running in air."


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