Wellness Facility Layout and Design

Whether it be an existing facility or a new build, the experts at G&G 
Fitness can help you every step of the way. Let us review your plans and help to provide a floor layout that meets all of your needs; functionally as well as safely.

Working with your staff as well as the architectural designers is our expertise.
Layouts can be viewed in 2 dimensional or 3D formats as needed to help promote and advertise your new facility.

3D-Layout.jpg                     3D-Layout-2.jpg

Our Team of Experts 
G&G Fitness has an amazing team devoted to helping you visualize and ultimately execute the best possible space. Our Facility Layout Specialists use state-of-the-art tools and programs to reflect potential floor plans and provide vivid images of your ideal space. Your G&G Fitness representative will work with you and this talented team to bring your ideas to life.

G&G Fitness provides a variety of facility layout services ranging from two-dimensional drawings to complex three-dimensional layouts that can include virtual tours. Our highly experienced sales and layout design staff will assist you, your architect and/or your builder every step of the way in the design process, working with an existing blueprint or creating a new one based on the specifications of your facility. 

Our Facility Layout Specialists can assist you with:

* 2D equipment layouts reflecting an appropriate floor plan for your facility
* 3D visualization of your ideal facility
* Electrical positioning for your equipment layout
* TV placement for the best ergonomics, user comfort, and viewing
* Selection and placement of equipment for optimal workouts and traffic flow
* Correct spacing around equipment for safe, effective use
* The appropriate amount of equipment for your facility size and customer base

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