Grand opening support

We'll help you generate excitement around your facility.

With plenty of marketing tools, G&G Fitness will help you promote the equipment in your facility. You can use these support materials and promotional items for grand openings, giveaways, membership incentives, specific training programs, special promos, wall displays...you name it. That way, your exercisers feel good about choosing your space as their place to work out.

Support Materials

• Posters
• Banners
• Product Videos and CDs
• "Try Me" New Product Signs
• Official Hammer Strength Training Center Materials

• Work.Sport.Life Functional Training Program Material


Promotional Items

• T-Shirts
• Water Bottles
• Key Chains

• Workout Towel


Training and Education

Get more out of your equipment
Our team of certified training professionals can make sure you and your staff know how to get the most from every machine you choose. Plus, we'll keep you up-to-date on the most recent fitness research and cutting-edge training programs suited for your users' specific needs. Wouldn't it be nice to have all the answers to every equipment question long before they're even asked?

Our hands-on product training workshops include:
• Proper body alignment and technique while using our products
• Use of the interactive heart rate training programs
• Awareness of the latest functional training methods
• Explanation of alternative strength-training platforms
• Unique training considerations for special populations
• Use of METs and watts cardiovascular programs
• Access to and use of the service diagnostics on cardio products

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