K-12 Education

Solutions for all areas of primary , secondary and high school students are a high priority for educators. G&G Fitness is your one stop solution for all of your fitness needs.

Our product line up is second to none. We proudly supply all of your flooring, turf field and track surface needs as well as all fitness equipment and accessories. Our proven track record for supplying school districts equipment for high school, middle school and elementary wellness as well as athletics, speaks for itself.

We understand the challenges of various ages and size, room restrictions and budgets, that's why we partner with administrators and faculty to design and put into affect the industries most efficient and durable wellness facilities.

Our all inclusive fitness solutions handle all of your daily needs. Education is your expertise that's why we handle all aspects of your fitness center from design, delivery and daily service.

We also understand that budgets are restricted so we are up to date on all areas of fitness and wellness grants. Please contact us to receicve more information on how your school district can receive dollars from numerous grants that are available.

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