Corporate Wellness Facilities

 For over 20 years G&G Fitness has helped people live life to the fullest by setting the standard of excellence in the fitness industry. That legacy continues with our unmatched commitment to the corporate wellness category.

As businesses struggle to reverse the trend of rising health care costs, wellness and exercise programs are becoming essential to their economic livelihood. By implementing wellness programs, companies can not only aid in decreasing their insurance and compensation costs, but also reap the reward of healthier employees.

A study by American Sports Data found that, on average, frequent exercisers were absent from work only 2.11 days per year, compared to 3.06 days for inactive individuals.

Although not easy to measure as reduction in health care costs, employees productivity can have a considerable impact on an organization and it's profitability. Corporate wellness programs tend to improve overall morale, as participating employees feel better both about themselves and their companies. Healthy employees work better and, in turn, provide gains for the company.

As the industry expert, G&G Fitness can help you develop a user-friendly fitness environment that will appeal to everyone who walks through your door. We offer complete, end-to-end fitness solutions that address the diverse needs of your employees, young or old, de-conditioned or physically fit, and everything in between.

G&G Fitness has the largest, most comprehensive lineup of industry-leading cardio, strength training, and group exercise fitness equipment offered by a single company;  Selectorized strength,  Plate-loaded, Indoor Group Cycling-the list includes more than 250 pieces of equipment. G&G Fitness also provides many value-added services other companies don't, such as facility planning and design, product training and education, special financing, and a sales staff with extensive experience in developing fitness solutions specifically for your corporation. 

To us, it's not enough to represent the most complete line of fitness equipment. We want users to be truly motivated to stay active. To be healthy. By designing layouts and representing user friendly equipment  we encourage people of all ages and abilities to embrace a long-term healthy lifestyle.

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