Interactive Fitness and Exergaming

Interactive Fitness & Gaming is simply active play. Exergaming is the technology that describes video games that are also a form of exercise. Participants are physically competing in a game, they are not passively watching TV, or doing monotonous exercise. G&G Fitness offers recreational opportunities that are entertaining, challenging & rewarding.

Interactive Exercise relies on technology that tracks body movement and reactions. The genre has been credited with upending the stereotype of gaming as a sedentary activity, and promoting an active lifestyle for their users. Interactive Fitness & Gaming is evolving from technology aimed at making video games and exercise more fun.

Interactive Fitness' roots can be traced back to games released in the late eighties although many had limited success. Konami's Dance Dance Revolution is credited as the first major successes of exergaming. The genre has been mooted as a way to improve users' health through exercise. G&G offers a very similar product called iDance.

G&G Fitness offers a variety of Interactive Fitness & Exergaming products like iDance and Target Trainers that are stimulating the minds and body for the users. The iDance is a revolutionary multi-player exergaming system that is unique in many aspects including that it provides the user with a combination of benefits and that it can accommodate up to 32 players at once!

The Target Trainer has the latest innovations in group play & individual training programs.Interactive Target Trainer Hundreds of disciplines can easily be accessed using the Target Trainer. The Target Trainers have upgraded lighting and an indestructible shell that demands the hardest of play. Wall panels can also be interconnected to create a network of Target Trainers which allows larger group of people to train at the same time and measure their performance.

Interactive exercise equipment is essential for engaging in the best workout routines to achieve the best results by keeping exercise fun and interesting. G&G Fitness offers durable, efficient and effective exercise products that you and your students can depend on at a very affordable price.

We need the right tools to perform the right job, and second rate gym equipment will never be able to do this. G&G Fitness provides a large selection of interactive fitness equipment that provides everything your fitness facility needs. G&G Fitness proudly possesses a superb knowledge and services based on the industry's needs.

If you're looking forward to stocking your fitness facility with interactive exercise machines, allow G&G Fitness to help. There is no need to settle with second rate fitness products. The best fitness equipment on the market is here. Contact G&G Fitness Today!

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