Hammer Strength Equipment

When it comes to buying commercial grade fitness equipment, you need to make sure that you are buying tools that are suitable for your needs. You need to realize that there is a difference between equipment created for the home and equipment created for a public gym. Fortunately, there is a brand that you can use that will have something for anything that you may need. Hammer Strength equipment has a huge following of gym buffs, fitness trainers, and gym owners, and for good reason.

The Hammer Strength equipment line was created by a man named Gary Jones, and it incorporates their very own unique technology called iso-lateral motion into all of the weight machines. This is basically when you only work one side of your body at a time, which has been lauded as a biochemically superior way of working out. Hammer Strength has five categories of equipment, namely the plate loaded, selectorized, benches and racks, heavy duty racks, and the ground based line equipment.

Hammer Strength Training Equipment

Plate-loaded equipment are suitable for targeting your muscle groups in two different planes of motion at one time, as opposed to one plane of motion that other machines can usually target. This is very good for the muscles, as it is more natural and a lot less dangerous. With this is the kind of Hammer Strength equipment, patrons get the feel of free weights with the safety features of a machine.

Selectorized equipment, on the other hand, are similar to the plate loaded equipment except that they are adjustable by the use of a pin and a stack of weight with the use of a series of pulleys and cables. The Motion Technology Selectorized™ (MTS) equipment provides comfort and encourages proper technique during the exercise's range of motion giving the users the most benefit for their workout.

Hammer Strength Heavy Duty Racks

If space efficiency, workout effectiveness, advanced training variety and the ultimate in durability are important to you, then the Hammer Strength Heavy Duty Rack is just for you. That's the power of Hammer Strength Heavy Duty Racks. The only racks strong enough to carry the Hammer Strength name. With the Long Lasting Components, Protected Frame Finish, Frame Stability and several optional add-ons, Hammer Strength is a name you can trust!

For those of you that want a particular look for your strength fitness equipment, you will definitely be happy with the way Hammer Strength equipment is designed. With their sharp contemporary looks and correct bio mechanics, it's no wonder why Hammer Strength is America's #1 strength training manufacture!

The most notable feature of Hammer Strength equipment is still its durability. One of the reasons that facility operators love the Hammer Strength equipment so much is because they are built to last and stand the tests of time. So if you want fitness equipment that will last you for years, will look incredibly awesome, and will work you out in a superior bio mechanical way, then Hammer Strength is the brand for you. Let G&G Fitness help build your Hammer Strength gym by contacting us today!

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