Troy Barbell Pro Style Straight Barbell - Hammer-tone Gray

Product Description

  • The TROY Pro Style Barbell is pre-assembled to meet the standards required for any commercial application.
  • All of our pro style barbells use solid steel bolt design.
  • These barbells feature deep set knurling for functional performance and top-of-the-line TROY high grade Hammertone Gray plates, premium black plates or rubber black plates. The chrome or rubber encased end caps include the TROY name and numbers for easy identification

Product Features

  • Available sizes: 20-115 lb. in 5 lb. increments
  • Plate Style: Gray or black plates with chrome or rubber end caps
  • Bar Style: Straight bar
  • Custom Logo: Not Available


  • Limited 10-year warranty against breakage and 1-year warranty against manufacture defects. This warranty does not cover rubber loss due to chipping or cracking. The lifetime breakage warranty will only cover the actual breaking of a weight plate or handle under normal commercial use. Occasionally pro-style dumbbells will loosen and spin. Under no circumstances is this covered under the warranty. Number or logo tags will be provided at no charge one time only under the 90-day manufacture warranty and will be available for purchase. In order to prevent chipping, fading, or cracking of the rubber, clean regularly and handle carefully. The dropping of dumbbells is never recommended and will void the warranty. Rubber products may contain a slight odor. This odor should be considered normal and will not be covered under warranty. 

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